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Africell to dole out Le500m on World Cup promo

By Hassan G. Koroma

After the just concluded ‘Africell crazy cash’ promotion in which hundreds of millions Leones were shared as prize money to winners, one of Sierra Leone’s leading GSM mobile operators, Africell yesterday launched another promotion for the World Cup titled ‘play and win’ which will accord subscribers the chance to win at least Le.500m (five hundred million Leones) collectively, spanning the duration of the World Cup in Brazil.

Speaking at a press conference hosted at the company’s headquarters at No.1 Pivot Lane, Wilberforce, Corporate Affairs Officer, Joe Abass Bangura, said the mobile operator had been contemplating on their next promotion since they ended the ‘crazy cash’ promotion.

“As the 20th edition of the FIFA World Cup kicks off in the next couple of hours (yesterday), Africell is pleased to officially launch our new and very innovative promotion titled ‘play and win’,” he accounced.

Mr. Bangura revealed that to participate in the promotion Africell subscribers needed to just send a blank SMS or call 777 which will cost 10 units, to earn a chance to participate in the draw and that at the end of each day Africell will give back to the subscribers 10 on-net which the customer should utilize before midnight. The more SMS a subscriber sends the more chance he/she stands to win, he said.

He said sixteen qualifying numbers will be chosen electronically on a daily basis, while eight such qualifiers will be invited to the studio the next day to participate in a live show, and the other eight will be linked via phone to the studio participates.

He said the TV show will be anchored by two presenters, two models and two comedians, and in an instance where anyone who is invited to the studio is unable to attend because of distance or medical reasons they will be replaced by either of the two comedians.

He added that several football-related games will be played live on radio and television, and that the prize to be won on each of the game will vary according to the complexity of the target to be accomplished with regulated duration.

He revealed that the initial games will include taking free kicks into a goal full of defenders; lobbing footballs into drums of various sizes; while the final stage will be the search for the golden ball where the qualifiers will have to locate among 30 footballs and the one containing the golden coin will win the star price of the day.

He said all winnings will be shared equally among the studio and the phone participants and where participants fail to win any price on the show they will each receive a consolation price.

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