Africell offers high speed 4G-LTE to subscribers


May 25, 2018 By Ibrahim Tarawallie

Africell yesterday announced the introduction of various offer for it high speed 4G-LTE (fourth generation -long term evolution) MiFi for subscribers.

On January 19, 2018, the company became the first mobile operator to launch the 4G-LTE technology in the country and since then, they have completed the roll out and optimisation of the service in the western area.

According to the company’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Joe Abass Bangura, the roll out of the service will continue progressively until the entire country is covered before the end of the year.

He said the company is at the helm of the telecommunications sector in the country and that the offers were rolled out to reinforce their leadership in the telecom market.

“Subscribers can now buy their 4G MiFi’s, which are loaded with 5GB of data at a promotional cost of only Le250, 000,” he said.

Mr Bangura continued further that those with 4G enabled handsets, who chose to swap their existing sim cards for the 4G sim, will get free 4G sim card loaded with free 1GB data.

Also, he added that subscribers who had swapped to 4G-LTE sim before the announcement of the offer, will automatically receive free 1GB.

He stressed that even with the variance in speed of the service in different locations, the company’s 4G-LTE is five times faster than any 4G-LTE provider in the country.

“The variation in speed is determined by topography and location of the receiver. As long as your phone or device has Wi-Fi access, it can connect to the MiFi and the network would be 4G,” he assured.

Also speaking, Corporate Sales Manager, Kuntumi Minah, explained that the MiFi battery lasts for five hours when fully charged.

She added that every MiFi comes with a 4G sim and that it could be recharged by texting *113# with a reply to option 3 to buy data for the MiFi line.

Reiterating that 4G-Lte is the biggest evolution of mobile phone technology in the world that has increased data speed with smoother experience, he said subscribers who swap 3G sims to 4G would do so ‘free of charge.’

“In spite of the vastly enhanced speed 4G-Lte does not increase the cost of your data service,” he said

As the first to launch the 4G-Lte in the country, he said Africell has rolled out an optimisation of the service in the Western Area and will ensure the whole country is covered before the end of the year.

Also, he encouraged subscribers to partake in the Ramadan promotion (The Money Wall) which has already blessed a winner with 40 million Leones.
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He informed the public that, “We also have the ‘Sokoh’ bundle which provides unlimited browsing from 2am to 6am to subscribe to the bundle dial *804#,” it costs Le1500.