February 15, 2018 

Every year, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by people all over the world as the day to give flowers and cards, to express love and appreciation to their families and loved ones. It’s a day when people count on their true friends and acquaintances to make calls or send WhatsApp messages as an expression of love.

Therefore, in keeping with this tradition of Love , the leading Mobile phone company in Sierra Leone Africell, invites all it subscribers to join in the celebration of love and express love for their loved ones and Africell.

On Monday 12th February, 2018, subscribers were given the opportunity to walk into any Africell Point of Sales (P.O.S) across the country and expressed their love for Africell.

Subscribers who did so, received gifts like; stickers, flowers or specially designed Africell air fresheners.

Pictures of subscribers expressing their love for Africell, would be shared on social media upon approval by the subscriber, who would then have access to the dip and win segment, where prizes including 250MB, 750MB, 50,000 on net talk time, le 50,000 africell money, would be won.

 Also on AIRadio, which is supported by Africell, presenters would be putting calls through to subscribers with the best composed text messages sent to the short code 1053, expressing love for Africell. Prizes to be won are, 250MB, 750MB, 50,000 on net talk time, le 50,000 africell money.

On Television, subscribers would be able to watch a recap of activities from the different point of sales on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th February 2018. 7PM – 8:30PM on Africa Young Voices Television (AYV).

During that period, subscribers would also be able to enjoy the fastest and cheapest internet in Sierra Leone by dialing the short code *1414# to subscribe to special valentine bundles like; Unlimited data, Unlimited night data, Unlimited night talk, Unlimited one number and Unlimited SMS till 12mid night.

If, this is not an expression of love from the best telecommunication company, what else would be an expression of love?