ADP-SL celebrates Open Defecation Free in Maramu Community


By Victoria Saffa

With support from the United Nations Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF), a local non-governmental organisation, Action for Development Programme- Sierra Leone (ADP-SL) on Tuesday celebrated Open Defecation Free (ODF) day with the people of Maramu Community in the Ribbi chiefdom, Moyamba district.

The event brought together dignitaries from government, local and international non-governmental organisations and community stakeholders.

An elder of the community, Joseph Massaquoi, showered praises on ADP-SL for such initiative and noted that many NGOs had operated in the chiefdom after the war, but ADP-SL is special because they have been promoting sanitation in the chiefdom for the past three years.

He maintained that people in the community were in the habit to defecating everywhere, but stressed that ADP-SL has helped greatly in educating them to construct latrines.

Chiefdom Speaker, Albert Charlie, called on the people to take care of their latrines, especially during the rainy season.

Also making a statement, Founder and National Coordinator of ADP-SL, Martha T.M. Borboh, maintained that it was not the first time they were celebrating Open Defecation Free, ODF, in the chiefdom, adding, “We are doing this to reduce faeces in the entire chiefdom.”

She disclosed that out of sixty communities, only twenty-seven qualified for the ODF examination, adding, “Our intervention in the chiefdom has seen an increase in sanitation awareness among community people.”

Madam Borboh also disclosed that they have succeeded in training over one-hundred and twenty Natural Leaders on how to reduce faeces in their respective villages.

“We have also built over forty-five water pumps in the various communities with trained pump care takers. We also have school clubs on hygiene promotions,” she said.