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Acute water crises at Tengbeh Town

January 5, 2020

By: Mohamed Sesay & Jeneba Conteh

Residents at the well

Residents of Tengbeh Town community have yesterday, 4h February, vent out their displeasure over what they described as severe water crises the community is grappling with.

The only source of water for the community is a single tap located at the Tengbeh Town Bridge which cannot serve the growing population.

One of the youth in the community, Alieu Sesay, said the tap only runs twice a week -from Wednesday to Sunday- adding that the tap does not only runs twice a week, but also runs only from the morning hours till 12 midday.

“A community like this is too large to have only one tap to serve us. Therefore, we want the government and any other humanitarian organization to establish more taps for the community,” he said

Speaking to Concord Times, Mariama Conteh, a resident within the community said they are going through hell to access water for domestic use.

“Had it not been that well, the lives of Tengbeh town residents would have been miserable. The well which substitutes the only tap in the community has been in existence for over twenty years,” she said.

She expressed concern about the hygiene status of the well where they source water for cooking, laundering, bathing and other domestic house chores.

She further called on state actors and humanitarian organisations to come to their aid and provide them with multiple water facilities.

“We don’t use this water to drink, but we use it to cook, bathe, launder and do other domestic chores. I don’t feel good using this water from the well, but because it is the only source since the tap runs only twice a week. I am calling on government to help us establish more taps,” said Mariama Conteh.

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