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Acting vice chair of Central Parade speaks on players’ success

NOVEMBER 14, 2014 By Sahr Morris Jnr

Acting vice-chairman of Central Parade FC (CPFC), Noel Horton, has stated recommendations which in his opinion will be of great importance to the success of Sierra Leonean players plying their trade in major European leagues.

Horton was speaking from the club’s perspective of what is responsible for Sierra Leonean players’ failure to make their mark in the big European leagues, unlike their players from Ghana, Cameroon and Nigeria.

According to Horton, who also doubles as CPFC Sport Director, there are several factors responsible for Sierra Leonean players’ failure in Europe.

He said: “To be frank the clubs in the country must be blamed 80% for the players’ failure because we are not providing the right treatment, training and the basic football education they must get at their tender age.”

By way of an advice, the CPFC Sport Director urged Premier League clubs to copy FC Kallon’s example of developing their youth system and to also ensure they engage in capacity building of their technical staff.

“We need to develop a better youth system within our clubs, go to the schools, get young boys, develop them and even offer them scholarships. Also, it is very much important if we can also focus on capacity building for our local coaches whom in turn will help the boys with better training,” Horton said adding that without youth football the future is bleak for Sierra Leone football.

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