Accused remanded in alleged housebreaking and theft case


By Blessing C. Cole

Alusine Kamara appeared before Magistrate Shar Kekura at Pademba Road Magistrate Court No. 1 in Freetown for the first time, facing charges of housebreaking and larceny as per Section 26(1) of the Larceny Act 1916.

The charges stem from an incident alleged to have occurred on Sunday, April 7th, 2024, at Hill Station in Freetown, where the accused is accused of breaking into the dwelling of Laurene Saudatu Adama Kanneh and stealing various items.

These items included twenty-five cartoons of glass blocks valued at Le37,500, a multi-purpose cutter valued at Le23,850, and four bags of imported cement valued at Le900, amounting to a total value of Le62,250.

Prosecuting witness Madam Adama Kanneh testified in court, identifying the accused and recounting the events of April 7th, 2024. She stated that upon receiving information of strange sounds at their residence, she and her brother investigated and discovered signs of a break-in on the third floor.

Missing items were subsequently noted, and upon police advice, they concealed themselves to apprehend the suspected thief, who was caught attempting to abscond with one of the stolen bags of cement.

With the assistance of other officers, the accused was apprehended and taken to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

Due to the seriousness of the allegations and the absence of legal representation for the accused, Magistrate Kekura denied bail and ordered the accused to be remanded in the male correctional center. The case was adjourned to May 13th, 2024, for further proceedings.


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