Accused remanded for allegedly assaulting female military personnel


 By Mohamed J Kargbo

 At the Magistrates’ Court No2 in Freetown, Magistrate Isata Tucker had on Monday, January 16, 2023, remanded one Erick Macarthy to the Male Correctional Centre in Freetown for alleged assault.

Police had allege that on January 6,2023, the accused assaulted and wounded one Isata Mansaray  and caused her grievous  bodily harm. 

The accused is standing trial on three count charges of wounding wit intent, wounding and assault, contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

Police officer,Umu Bah, prosecuting the case, brought in prosecution witness No 1(PW1) to testify in court in respect of the case.

The witness, Isata Mansaray, a military personnel attached to the Infantry Brigade, Murray Town Barrack in Freetown, said she knew the accused  and recalls  what happened on the above said date.

She said when she was walking along Liverpool Street in front of Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, she saw the accused wearing a military cap and that she stopped and asked him as to whether he is a military officer.

She said the accused replied in the affirmative and that she further asked him as to which unit he belongs, but the accused replied that ‘’I don’t ask me.’’

She added that she took the cap from the accused and that she was going to hand it over to the police because the accused has no right to put it on.

She said the accused forcefully bent her hand and wanted to take the cap from her, but that she fought and released her hand and put the cap into her chest.

She said the accused forced his hand into her chest and took the cap and that some people came around and told the accused to stop, but he refused and stated that he was going to show her street life.

He testified that the accused dragged her by the hair and knocked her three times and slapped her, adding that blood started running down her face and that she felt pain because her eye was injured.

 She said she tried to hold the clothes of the accused, but he bit her on her arm and further explained that she went to the Central Police Division and made a report.

She said the police issued her a medical report and she went to the hospital and was given three inches stitches on her face and that they took photograph of her face.

The photograph was tendered in court as evidence and to be part of the court records.

The matter was adjourned to the 24 of January 2023 for further hearings, while the accused still remains in custody.         


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