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Access Bank Sierra Leone: An international bank per excellence, and a world-class and modern financial enterprise

By: Mohamed Lamrana Jalloh

Access Bank Sierra Leone is among the leading financial institutions that delivers sustainable economic growth that is profitable, environmentally responsible and socially relevant. 

With its head office in Nigeria, the bank is driven by strong core values that enable them continuously deliver strong and sustainable performance.

The bank is in business to help   customers build a sustainable future by offering ‘bespoke products and solutions’ using highly skilled workforce across Sub-Saharan Africa, United Kingdom, and Asia.

The Bank is licensed to provide international banking services and is renowned for its comprehensive range of financial product offerings. Key business segments of the Bank are: Corporate and Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, Business Banking and Personal Banking products and services, as a Bank that adheres to responsible business practices and readily commits resources to social investments in fulfillment of its corporate social responsibility objectives.

The bank sees corporate governance as a foundation for the bank’s sustainable growth, and its Board and Management are making relentless efforts to improve on its corporate governance structure. Over the years, the bank has continued to optimize its governance mechanism to ensure methodical decision-making, effective supervision and sturdy operation. The Bank’s governance model is founded on key pillars of diversity, accountability, responsibility, transparency, independence, fairness, and discipline. The Board of Directors is critical to creating boundaries and setting the tone for Management. Accordingly, the bank have always aspired to have a Board that knows its subject matter, understands its governance responsibilities and adds value to the Management team.

Over the years, Access Bank Sierra Leone have made several investments to strengthen relationships with its customers by redefining their approach to customer service through streamlining their internal processes, and digitizing about 30% of customer journeys, the bank was able to improve on its customer experience.

On Human Capital Development, Access Bank understands that people are the driving force behind the Bank’s many success and that being a great place to work is a driver for responsible growth. Therefore, the bank continue to work diligently to create a workplace where its employees can flourish. The bank’s obligation to its people includes their ongoing commitment to developing and managing talent, employee engagement, and core values anchored on diversity and inclusion.

Access Bank is committed to creating an enabling environment for high performance as well as fostering an inclusive and flexible workplace which supports work-life balance. Accordingly, the bank however, remain steadfast in its commitment to attract and retain exceptional talents which will enable them continuously provide the best service to their customers.

Amidst unprecedented global outbreak of pandemic, past year was filled with significant challenges, but the bank emerged a better and stronger business. Access Bank continue to focus on supporting host countries while pursuing sustainable growth, exploring new opportunities, driving innovation, and striving to become a world-class and modern financial enterprise.

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