ACC Chief, OGI Director on OGP experience-sharing in Philippines


By Mohamed Massaquoi

Peer learning and exchange has always been at the heart of large-scale efforts for good governance. With international movements like the Open Government Partnership (OGP), the sharing of best practices has remained a crucial cornerstone of success for old and new member countries alike.

This is the rationale behind such events as the OGP regional conference in Bali, as well as last week’s visit to the Philippines by four delegates from Sierra Leone, namely: Madam Khadija Sesay, Director of Sierra Leone’s Open Government Initiative (OGI); Mr. Emmanuel Osho-Coker, Secretary to the President; Mr. Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai, Director of the Society for Democratic Initiatives (SDI); and Mr. Joseph F. Kamara, Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

Arranged by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), these meetings with the Open Data Task Force—occurring over two days, from June 26-27, 2014—formed part of the delegates’ schedule of consultations with other departments and organizations.

The Sierra Leone government recently began the formal process to join the OGP. This involves the declaration of key commitments aimed at concretizing the OGP ideals of good governance, transparency, citizen empowerment, the elimination of corruption, and the progressive use of technology.

In light of this development, the Philippines study tour was organized to allow participants to share ideas and experiences as a committed member and one of the founding governments of