ACC chief calls for transparency in Hajj management


-as he unveils integrity guide on Hajj management

June 22, 2018

By Ibrahim Tarawallie


Deputy Comissioner of Sierra Leoone’s Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has called for transparency in the management of this year’s Hajj to the holy land of Mecca.

Shollay Davies was speaking in the conference room of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development yesterday during the unveling of a report titled: ‘Integrity Guide to the Management of Hajj Programme in Sierra Leone’.

The document will help the Hajj Committee to carryout quality preparations, deviod of any form of corruption and other related issues.

The 2017 Hajj process was marred by huge scandal after scores of people who were assured of an opportunity of visiting the holy land of Mecca, through a government scholarship, were denied the right by some unscrupulous individuals in the committee.

Some of the alleged kinpins of the hajj scandal were interrogated by ACC investigators, although the anti-graft body is yet to indict anyone of them. However, sources say they are the subject of the sealed indictment filed by the commission last week.

In his statement, Commissioner Davies stated that corruption has been an age-old problem in the society, but stressed that it was unfortunate that it finds itself within the Islamic circle.

“The reason for this document is to prevent probems and potential coorruption in the management of this year’s Hajj to Mecca. We want to see a transparent Hajj management process,” he said.

He urged members of the Hajj Committee to work in the interest of the country and ensure that the process is deviod of problems.

Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs, Baindu Dansama, said have begun working on the recommendatios contain in the document.

“The document is tiimely and important. we have already established a welfare committee to look after those that will be eligible to perform this year’s Hajj,” she said.

With regards reasons for putting together the document, ACC’s Director of Systems and Proceses Review Department, Rashid Turay, said the initiative was thought about following an investigation into the 2017 Hajj process.

“This document wil guide the committee in preparing for the Hajj. We hope they will use it as a working tool to prevent the reoccurence of what happened in 2017,” he said.

Mr. Turay said the document recommended for a standing committee to coordinate the Hajj process with members serving for a single term of three years and a computerised data base to register of all intending pilgrims.

He urged the committee to produce a situational as well as financial report at the end of the Hajj programme and present it to government and other stakeholders.