Abubakar Kamara Retires from Men’s Patriots


November 10, 2021

By Sahr Morris Jnr

Abubakar Kamara, one of the big names in Sierra Leone  cricket has confirmed retirement from the senior National Cricket Team, the Men’s Patriots to turn to cricket coaching.

The 35-year-old all-rounder has grown  fat, losing speed and agility, no more his heyday in the National Team.

As a youngster, Abubakar started his cricket career in 2006, and for sixteen remarkable years, he spent his life the cricket way, batting, fielding, and bowling, all in one piece.

He has represented Sierra Leone in more than 20 ICC-sanctioned tournaments since age 19, winning ten Man of the Match awards in competitive encounters for motherland.

Having been in the national team for so long, Abubakar thinks it is time to give space to the younger ones.

“I think I am losing agility, and in cricket, it takes good eyesight to deliver strokes. I do not have the ability that bears my name any longer. I am not the Bakar I used to be. I need to do justice to myself and to my country by allowing the younger ones to come onboard. We need to expose them especially now that we have begun identifying raw talents. It is now, and not any other time, lest it will augur ill for the future,” he says.

Not playing cricket does not spell out quitting the game in its entirety. As he takes honourable exit from the National Men’s team, Abubakar’s next step is to start a career in coaching.

Already, he has done three courses in that regard. At age 25, he went to Abuja Nigeria for an all-rounder course twice in 2010. In the same 2010, he had his level 1 cricket coaching certificate from a Gambian ICC Instructor, Johnny Gomezm, and his level 2 from the current Chairman of SLCA, Francis Trevor Samura in Sierra Leone.

Looking back at what he achieved during his playing days, Abubakar says he has contributed meaningfully to the development of the game in Sierra Leone. “As I leave the national team, I want to advise the younger ones to bank on their energy and zeal to do well for self and for country. They should respect and learn from their seniors in the game. That is a clear route to prosper,” he admonishes junior cricketers.

In the current Men’s Patriots, Abubakar is leaving four of his playmates with whom he has had memorable time for years.

For Coach Mustapha Kallon, Abukakar should stay and work on his agility. “He is still good to be around,” he adds.

But Technical Director Gabriel Anthony thinks Abubakar’s exit is honourable. “He is leaving while he is still fairly ok,” he says.