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Absenteeism of MPs angers Dept. Speaker, warns of possible consequences

July 19, 2021

By Jariatu S. Jusu

Duplication of authority! : Sierra Leone Concord Times
Hon. Hon. Segepor S. Thomas has issued stern waring

The Acting Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Segepor S. Thomas, has called on the attention of the leadership of political parties in Parliament that, the Speakership Bench will begin to make relevant orders to curb the persistent absenteeism of Members of Parliament.

“If you look around, am sure you will be disappointed at the level of absenteeism. We are all Honourable Members. If we want society to  respect this House, it’s behoves on  us to ensure that we do so. In the circumstance, let me inform you that in the not too distance future, the Speakership Bench will be making relevant orders to curb this level of absenteeism in Parliament,” he said.

Even before the closure of the third session of Parliament, the Speaker gave stern warning to Members of Parliament who are in the habit being perpetually absent for sittings in the Chamber.

On several occasions, sittings have been delayed due to the fact that it was difficult to form a quorum for debate.

He said the attendance has been very much abysmal, disappointing and constitutes a complete disservice to the country, especially when MPs are bound to debate and pass into law sensitive bills on behalf of their constituents.

He charged that it is not Honourable that MPs were collecting salaries on monthly basis and at the same time refusing to do the work of the people.

“It is clear that at the end of each month, we all hurry to collect our dues, but if we don’t do the work then the citizens of this country will not respect Parliament. If we are talking about respect for MPs, it should start from us,” he noted.

He recalled for the past days he had to wait for MPs to take their seats before proceedings commences.

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