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Absence of sexual penetration victim angers judge

July 28, 2017 By Regina Pratt

High Court Judge, Justice John Bosco Allieu, yesterday expressed dissatisfaction over the refusal of sexual penetration victims to come to court and provide evidence for their cases.

The judge said several sexual penetration cases have been stalled due to victim’s refusal to show up in court, thus frustrating the prosecution’s effort to move on with their cases.

Justice Allieu made an allusion to a certain Senegalese who had been remanded since September 2016, without a single witness testifying in his case.

The Judge stated that the last time a witness testified in the Senegalese alleged rape matter was in January 2017.

He said sexual penetration cases were very serious offences and that victims refusing to come to court would not only frustrate the court’s effort but was also a recipe for the act to be prevalent in society.

State counsel, S.J.Y. Barlatt, said some of the victims are difficult to summon.

In another matter that involves a Junior School teacher, kekura Mansaray who allegedly penetrated a five-year-old girl, the judge said the last time the alleged perpetrator came to court was on warrant.

In a similar case another case involving one Michael T. Jackson, a police officer, who was before the court on allegations of sodomy, Justice John Bosco Allieu said it was a shame for such an allegation to be made against a law enforcement officer.

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