Aberdeen Women Centre reopens after Ebola scare


June 12, 2015 By Victoria Saffa

A leading maternal healthcare provider in the country, the Aberdeen Women Center (AWC) has reopened Monday, 8 June to continue providing priceless service to pregnant women and lactating mothers following an Ebola scare two weeks ago that forced the facility to shut down.

The center was temporarily shut down after what has now been confirmed as a false Ebola test result was identified as positive, with the victim being a stillborn baby.

According to a press release issued by the Center, there have been no confirmed case of the deadly Ebola virus since last year, and that when further tests for Ebola were conducted on the stillborn baby, they came back positive in the child even though the mother was found to be free of the virus.

The statement reassured mothers of the country that the Centre would continue to provide quality and safe maternity care for them and their babies, although conceding that the false alarm might have affected confidence of the people.

The Center expressed deep regret that the case was published prematurely in some local tabloids before all the facts were investigated, as the situation has caused unnecessary alarm to staff, patients and the community as a whole.

Furthermore, administrators at the Centre have expressed concern that the false alarm may have affected confidence in patients and staff, and called patients to start visiting the facility to access proper healthcare services.

The Aberdeen Women’s Centre is a privately run institution that provides free healthcare services to women patients from the community around Aberdeen and elsewhere in the country.