Abdul Karim Kamara urges APC comrades to stand firm, unite


The task ahead is daunting, but with a united family with one goal we can make such task undaunted, Abdul Karim Kamara Esq, leading aspirant for the position of National Publicity Secretary assures comrades of the All People’s Congress (APC) during his declaration at Lamina Sankoh Street in Freetown.

Mr. Kamara was addressing throngs of APC supporters during his declaration to be elected the next Publicity Secretary of the Party.

He assures comrades of the party that in his watch as National Publicity Secretary, the APC party is assured of a landslide victory in the June 24, 2023 elections.

He has vowed his life to ensure that come what may he will be available and ready to fight for the APC.

“The APC has been my party since birth and so I am obliged to give my all for it,” he assures.

“Comrades all, today we have all seen the total disregard by the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party towards citizens of this country. Today, we have all experienced first-hand destabilisation of our economy by rouge politicians in power, and today we have all been treated like we were not citizens of this land. Should we continue to entrust our party’s critical positions to those who will sell us all out to the devil? I am certain that this country can only be transformed to what it is expected of when the APC is in power and with vibrant and battle tested soldiers like us,” he said.

He boasted that, with him, there should be no doubt as to whether 2023 winning is possible, not because  he is a comrade, but for the fact that he is a practising lawyer who knows the thick and thin of what the laws of the land are.

“I am ready to fight with my life to redeem our country as the next National Publicity Secretary. Comrades all, I must not be hypocrite to my conscience and the living God I am serving to not understand that some of you sitting here today have been one way or the other treated unfairly during our lower level elections. Bear in mind that I am a member of the Interim Transition Governance Committee (ITGC) of our party. I have heard series of complaints from some of you sitting here today. Across the country, some of our Comrades are currently aggrieved because of the manner they have been treated, but what I want to say to you all is key; believe that this party belongs to all of us and those of us who have stood our grounds to get things right in the party will continue to stand up for you all,” he assured.

He noted that it is not an option to leave the APC and join another party and encouraged all that this is the best time they must all see themselves as family.

“Yes we can hurt ourselves, but that is why we are reaching out to calm the minds and heart of those who are currently angry because of the manner they are treated. To those of you sitting here today, I want to urge you all to reach out to all our Comrades at wards, constituency, district and regions to calm them down and talk to them to see reason for the bigger picture of getting our party back on track come June 24, 2023. Some of the anomalies during the elections will surely be corrected and those who engaged into creating a very troubling atmosphere for this party will surely be cautioned as this is a national party that must have a national face,” he said.

“Let me at this very moment commit myself to you all…fight we shall and winning is sure for the APC in June 2023!!! Sons and daughters of APC stand firm. These are indeed trying times for all of us, but one thing that is assured for all of us is…there is victory for us. The struggles of APC have never went to the drainage without a payback. It is that faith we must entrust with ourselves when going into the polls. I count on all of you sitting here today to make me your next National Publicity Secretary and lend me the three years job to satisfactorily transform our party to what it is expected of. Let us all galvanise our support today from the four corners of this small West Africa country and show the world that we can do it. So today, we can do it with your new hope, your new saviour and your new fighter, Abdul Karim Kamara Esq. With me, victory is ours to celebrate. I therefore want to leave you all with the words of our darling party. In the struggles of APC, there is victory for us.”


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