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A-Z multimedia officially launched

February 5, 2021

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

The Minister of Information and Communications, Mohamed Rado Swaray, has yesterday officially launched the A-Z multimedia in Freetown.

The launching ceremony which took place at A-Z Multimedia Office, Robert Street in Freetown, was  graced by dignitaries including  the Minister of Information and Communications,  Deputy Speaker of Parliament, and former Information Minister in the then Ernest Bai Koroma, who is currently a Member of Parliament, Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo.

In his statement, Chief Executive Officer of A-Z Multimedia, Dr. Ibrahim Seibure, said it was unfortunate that the media industry is witnessing a nose-dive that tends to affect the gloss, stating that it is heart rendering that standards are falling in this days of opportunities for media excellence.

He said considering the fact that there is a formal media training school that is expose to technological tools to aid in  sustaining the rich media history, the socio-economic forces that explain why things are going downhill are reasons for a woke-up and make up for the lapses.

He said they are venturing into the business with a redemptive passion and that they saw the environment even ripe to invest in media for professional excellence, stating that the reform introduced by government to expunge anti-media provisions in the organic laws put the media under the obligation to be responsible.

“My team has been schooled in ethical sensitivity as a rule of thumb to match their editorial standpoint of being the game changers, and it is a commitment to win public trust and confidence,” he said.

He doffed his hats to other media houses that have been striving under a challenging market reality to make a difference and inspiring others in believing in professional journalism.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon.Sengepoh Thomas, thanked the Chief Executive  Officer for taking the strive in investing in the media, stating that on behalf of Parliament they will continue to support  investment of such nature.

He said investments in the media are not properly explored in the country.

 He added that much has not been done as a nation to explore investment in the media, and that it has become worst with the emergence of the new media where those who should have invested in the traditional media thought everything can be found.

He said there were several aspects that were to be explored using the traditional media and called on other people to invest in the media.

 He said they as parliament will continue to make the right laws in promoting free speech in the country.

He recalled that a couple of months  ago, Parliament made history when they repealed the  libel laws from the country’s law books, which assures media practitioners that they are free to express their views on national issues including matters relating to accountability, development and good governance.

Print Media Expert at the Independent Media Commission, Mustapha Sesay, said their role is to register and regulate media houses in the country and called on the management of the medium to ensure they abide by the rules and regulations,  pay National Social Security Insurance Trust NASSIT for their staff and also pay them according to the government minimum wage which is six hundred thousand Leones per month.

Officially launching the multimedia, Information Minister, Mohamed Rado Swaray,said the Chief Executive Officer would have chosen to invest in other areas, but chose the media  because he is a diehard media practitioner.

 He said they discussed it during the repeal of the libel law that once the law is repealed, it will attract investors, a development that would contribute to the government’s vision to providing employment for the people of Sierra Leone.

He said the truth is that a government cannot exist without the media,likewise the media will not exist without a government.

He said the government has unrelenting commitment not only to unshackle the media, but also to ensure that the media landscape is changed forever.

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