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A Strong Nation Begins Right From The Church

-Mamie Dumbuya

 Apostle Dora Dumbuya popularly known as Mamie Dumbuya of Jesus is Lord Ministry, who was the main Guest Preacher for the Pentecostal Fellowship of Sierra Leone (PFSL) Biennial celebration has said that a strong nation begins right from the Church.

Apostle Dora Dumbuya was speaking on Sunday during the thanksgiving service climaxing the three-day Biennial celebration of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Sierra Leone (PFSL) which started from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th March 2022 with the theme “Becoming A Strong Nation” (Isaiah 60:20).

The celebration took the form of a conference on Friday and Saturday, backed by evening revivals and climaxed with a thanksgiving service on Sunday 27th March at the Bethel Temple International Ministries, Tower Hill Freetown.

Apostle Dumbuya said they have heard what God was doing through the PFSL President Bishop Akintayo Sam-Jolly and what impressed her most was the PFSL Motto which says One Lord, One Faith and One Baptism.

“That is why we are here today, we are serving one King despite everything, whatever nation, we are carrying one thing that is the Blood of Jesus Christ. Very precious.”

She emphasised that a strong nation begins right from the Church, a strong church makes a strong nation, a weak church makes a weak nation, a strong church makes a strong family.    

Reading some verses in Isaiah 60: 1 to 22 among other scriptures, Apostle Dumbuya said the blessings of Jerusalem is for Sierra Leone if only the church becomes strong church. God she went on Has to use a weapon and the weapon God gives on earth is the church.

“God uses the church to bless any nation and that is why we should take church very serious. When there is darkness you won’t see the way forward, you won’t see where you’re going and the world is full of darkness and that is the reason why God send Jesus on earth so that He can change from darkness to light. Light is the first creation of God; Light is more powerful than darkness. The church is the light of the world. Let the light penetrate, the light advertises you, the light will show the person you are in Christ. The light makes the different, light is more powerful.”

She further stated that the church that has light will be able to transform a nation.

“The light will be able to shine upon a nation, when the light is in you, you will be able to convert people. Only people that carry the light of God will receive divine favour from God, supernatural favour.”

Apostle Dumbuya emphasised further that if the church is truly ready for unity, they must stop all superficial work and concentrate on those things that bind them.

PFSL President Bishop Akintayo Sam-Jolly acknowledged the grace of God in serving in various capacities in PFSL.

The congregation led by the PFSL President Celebrated Bishop Abu Koroma and Bishop Jonathan Archibald Cole for their tremendous service in PFSL since its inception some twenty years ago.

He spoke about the visit PFSL made in various ministries, departments and agency and the tour they conducted in the provinces as a means of establishing PFSL in those part of the country and the donations they made to fire victims of Wellington and Susan’s Bay respectively.

He disclosed that PFSL has successfully registered with the World Pentecostal Fellowship and the series of meetings they commenced brought the national impact conference in Freetown and Bo respectively.

Earlier, statements were made by the Catholic Mission, Archbishop Edward Tamba Charles who said Catholics are being criticised.

“We are all One in Christ. What unites us is far more substantial than what divides us. The pulling down syndrome must not be seen in the Body of Christ. That PFSL will be guided by the Holy Spirit so that their deliberations will be advanced for the salvation of all. Keep in mind the wider vision of our universal fraternity.”

He pointed out that what affects one section of humanity will be seen to be the von era in others.

“No man is an island. Anyone’s legitimate concern should be the concern of others.”

General Secretary for the Inter Religious Council of Sierra Leone (IRCSL) Rev. Dr. Osman Forna said the IRCSL is the recognised inter-faith organisation in the country with equal representation in all deliberations and was established to address issues of national importance.

“We have been given the Ministry of reconciliation. The executive of the PFSL is very active. The PFSL President is astute and works at national level.”

President of the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone (CCSL), Rev. Abioseh Samuels spoke on the Role of the Church in Raising a Godly Nation.

“We at CCSL are observing your leadership style. Impressed by the way you are carrying your activities. Involvement of your constituents.”

He encouraged PFSL to keep up the good work and pray that God will bless the work of their hands.

“The church and state are two separate entities and must remain so. The norm now is that church leaders are just called to pray as if to say they are providing a fire brigade exercise.”

He said Dr. Michael R. Williams referred to church as a building used for praying purposes.

“Biblical means Ecclesia – the called out onees. Eph1:22 5:25. The church is created by the His through the testimony of the mighty acts of God. The owner of the church is the Lord Jesus Christ. What is the Mission of the Church? It revolves around Jesus Christ. It is only Christ that must be proclaimed.”

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