‘A State of Emergency’


… The Barray opens maiden exhibition

December 7, 2015 By Alusine Sesay

Art is quietly gaining a foothold in Sierra Leone as some talented Sierra Leoneans are beginning to showcase their artistic talent in painting and drawing to depict a world of reality.

The Barray, an artistic group which comprises talented Sierra Leonean artists, has through painting depicted the operation of the state of emergency that was declared during the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.
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Formed in the year 2013, The Barray has grown steadily and current boast of fifteen artists who are either based in Sierra Leone or of Sierra Leonean heritage.

The group is poised to changing the perception of Sierra Leonean art, while at the same time striving to foster a culture of creativity and appreciation of arts among indigenes.

The Barray artists have distinct skills level as some are self taught while others are formally trained.

“We are committed to working together, to training together and to assisting each other based on our common vision of advancing visual arts in Sierra Leone,” stated the group.

The community of artists has demonstrated their talent by launching their maiden exhibition titled ‘A State of Emergency’ at the Bliss Restaurant on Wilkinson Road in Freetown, last Thursday.

“A State of Emergency’ is our first exhibition launched just as a nation emerges from the Ebola Crisis and State of Emergency. It is a celebration of creativity and culture and sign of our hope that the future will be bright,” one of the fine artists, Josephine Dauda told Concord times, adding that the work of art is an inborn talent and that she developed passion for painting from an early age.

She encouraged Sierra Leoneans to show appreciation for works of art and called on talented citizens to join the group and showcase their artistic skills.

The exhibition ended over the weekend.