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A reminisce of Vida’s emblematic reign in Sierra Leone’s entertainment industry

BY: Theriyeh Koroma-Nenneh (Warrior)

I grew up to a music era where Vida was a talk-of- the- town act and a rebirthed model diversifying the R & B culture in Sierra Leone.

Around the early 2000’s downwards, I saw her positioning into a brand which endeared folks to her nonconformist flare in the industry.

Vida’s signature “vida skirt”- a mini skirt with long-sided edges which she had on in her many music video clips- gained a trendful admiration of many ladies who adapted the fashion sense to clubs and top social events. I remember having one “Vida Skirt” myself whenever I wanted to catch the groove of the moment or appear vogue.

She brought life into the entertainment industry with her youthful exuberance and love for the game.

Today, my memory of this super star ushered in flashbacks of the wealth of talent Vida has infused in all the hit songs she has made us dance to and mime.

You will agree with me that all of Vida’s tracks have hit at some point- from her “Borbor nor play me wayo” to her “Us tem you go marraid?” alongside Akrman.

People like Vida made us believe that there is future in the Sierra Leone music industry with her quality and well-placed lyrics, mixed into assorted tastes for our liking.

It pains my heart to know about the current ailment troubling her.

I throw my weight behind this drive to generate adequate funds for her ultimate cure and I implore you to as well.

Let’s be at the Pray Day event in her honour as I look forward to be there too.

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