‘A government which fails to clean the city, is a failed government’


- Deputy Minister of Local Government

By Victoria Saffa

Any government which neglects her duty to clean the city could be likened to a failed government, said Deputy Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Hadiru Kalokoh, last Saturday, during the official launch of the Door-to-Door waste collection project initiated by waste management company, Masada.

Kalakoh said the pilot project would attempt to ensure filth was cleared from streets and illegal dumping sites in Freetown, noting that Masada could only succeed in cleaning the city if residents are themselves compliant in keeping the city clean.

He praised the company for their effort in cleaning the city, as keeping the city clean was not only a health and environment issue, but political.

In her statement, National Project Manager of Masada Waste Management Company Sierra Leone Limited, Ms. Ami Dumbuya, said the company has been contracted by the Government of Sierra Leone to provide commercially viable waste collection services to the municipality of Freetown, including rolling out a door-to-door waste collection services on a pilot scheme for selected areas: Ward 387, Spur Loop, Ward 392, Aberdeen, Beach Road and Kissy Road.

She said the company has made visible impact in clearing garbage deposited at public areas in the municipality, especially at transit points, clearing of bridges and street sweeping, adding that the door-to-door collection would enhance cleanliness in the city.

“We will introduce roller bins for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal customers alike, and on specific days of the week collect and manage their waste in a timely, reliable and safe manner,” she said.

Ms. Dumbuya also called on Freetown’s residents to refrain from illegally dumping and littering garbage at dumping sites or on the streets, lest municipal authorities levy penalties on them.

A representative of the Mayor of Freetown and Sanitary Officer at the Freetown City Council (FCC), Sulaiman Zainu Parker, said Council would collaborate with the police and judicial authorities to punish those caught depositing garbage at prohibited locations in the city.

He said the FCC had in 2010 passed bye-laws which were approved by Parliament, and that those in breach of those bye-laws would be prosecuted.