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86 Police Officers to go on retirement  

NOVEMBER 17, 2014  By Victoria Saffa

Police Boss... F. Munu
Police Boss… F. Munu

Police media boss, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Ibrahim Samura has told Concord Times that eighty-six police officers have been earmarked for retirement, including four Assistant Inspector Generals of Police (AIGs).

ASP Samura said the four senior officers, whom he refused to name for confidentiality reason, have all reach the mandatory retirement age of fifty-five and will be retired from the Police by the end this year.

“They’ve all reach the retirement age, including some senior officers, and there are no exceptions to the rules and as such they have to go,” the Police spokesman said.

He revealed that names of the officers were processed by the Executive Management Board (EMB) of the Sierra Leone Police, and it include Constables and Inspectors, some of whom have served for more than twenty years.

According to sources within the Sierra Leone Police, this latest retirement is the second this year, while also hinting that more officers are in line for retrenchment next year as the force continues to be streamlined.

The retired officers are expected to make way for newly promoted officers.

In January 2014, 314 officers were listed to proceed on terminal leave.
They included two AIGs, one Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP), 17 Superintendents, 34 Assistant Superintendents of Police (ASPs) and 260 other ranks.

According to our investigation, fear and panic have gripped police officers who fearful that their names are on the list.

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