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78yrs old woman testifies in daylight robbery matter

July 2, 2021

By Regina Pratt

78 years old Dr. Kitty Fadlu-Deen, on Thursday, July 1st, 2021 testified in a daylight robbery matter before Justice Komba Kamanda of the Freetown the High Court No 1.

Led in evidence by Lawyer Yada Williams, the witness described herself as a retired music educator.

She told the court that at about 8am on September 1st , 2020, at her Lumley residence, she was preparing to attend a meeting when the front door bell rang.

“I opened the door and saw somebody standing with an envelope and told me that he was from the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs and I took the envelope from him.”

The witness further told the court that the accused then forced his way into her apartment while she was about to open the envelope.

She said the accused grabbed her hand, covered her mouth, and dragged her into the guest toilet where he grabbed some toilet tissues and tightly closed her mouth.

“The attacker took out a small towel and stuffed it into my mouth and chocked me very hard as I was trying to scream,” she testified.

“We struggled and I went to the other side of the toilet while he took out a gun, point it at me and threatened to shoot me if I continue screaming.”

The 78 years old robbery victim further told the court that she ordered the attacker to shoot her because she was too old to live.

“I asked him as to what he wanted and he replied that I should surrender my car, if I hadn’t any money. He wanted to tie my hands, I resisted him but he later got hold of my late husband’s strap which he used to tie my hands,” she testified.

She testified that the robber brought out a chair just outside the toilet and told her to sit down, while he closed the toilet door.

“I was inside sitting quietly when I heard the sound of the Toyota Rav4 jeep, with registration number AQUG 834 going out of the compound. I later called my watchman, Alfred and granddaughter to come to my aid.”

She told the court that the watchman and her granddaughter came to her rescue and untied her, while they latter reported the matter at the Lumley Police Station.

She said she was issued with a medical request form after they obtained statement from her.

The witness also told the court that she suffered some pains in her mouth and neck, with bruises on her lips.

PW8 said she was called by the police on Saturday, September 12, 2020, to identify the vehicle at the Lumley Police Station and on the 15th September, 2020, the accused was taken to the house by the police.

The witness said that the vehicle cost USD24,500, while her missing Samsung  mobile phone cost USD1,500

The accused was charged with robbery with aggravation and remanded at the Male Correctional Centre on Pademba Road.

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