Scrabble Association on popularization drive


NOVEMBER 6, 2014 By Sahr Morris Jnr.

The Sierra Leone Scrabble Association (SLSA) is on a popularization drive to expand the game and attract more people to playing the game.

The move by the association came after one of their players, Mohamed A Kamara, was ranked 17 out of 62 competitors that competed in the Pan-Africa Scrabble championship in South Africa.

According to the association’s scribe, Alhaji Bakarr, they want to popularize the game in the country and involve lot of people under the association’s umbrella.

He said: “Scrabble is not only a game but it is more than just a game as it help you to control and make decisions and also teaches someone lot of English; that is why we want to take the game from one level to another stage in the country.”

“Even thou we are mindful of the current situation in the country, we are planning to engage the schools especially when they re-open because we believe in engaging more schools pupils and students for the base of the game.”

Bakar further revealed that they are planning to host regional and national competitions which will help them attract more players under the association for future international competition.

On behalf of the SLSA, he applauded Kamara for his outstanding performance in the just concluded Pan-Africa tournament in which he flew the country’s flag higher with a top 20 finish, despite being the country’s debut in the international stage