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7 years land case

…High Court slams final order

 By Ibrahim Jaffa Condeh

The Land and Property Division of the Sierra Leone High Court has final issued an order in favour of the plaintiff/applicant in respect of a writ of possession and writ of assistance for recovery of possession of all piece and parcel of land situate off Main Motor Road, Kondoloh-Rokel village, in the Western area of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

The court order, issued by Hon. Mrs. Justice V.M. Solomon, J.A. on 3 April 2014 read: “That leave is hereby granted to the plaintiff/applicant to issue a Writ of Possession and Writ of Assistance for recovery of possession of all that piece and parcel of land situate lying and being at Off Main Motor Road, Kondoloh-Rokel Villagein the Western Areaof the Republic of Sierra Leone more particularly delineated on survey plan No. LS637/79 dated 12th April, 1979.”

The order, without cost, came after the court read the Notice of Motion dated 31 October 2013 with the supporting affidavit of Crispin Feio Edwards sworn to on same date, and accompanied by exhibits.

Accordingly, the defendants: Brima Kamara, Marie Taylor, Alpha Kamara, Mr. Gibo, Marie Kamara, Mr. Marcan, Mr. Lamin, Sallieu Bah and Victor Taylor are expected to vacate the said land with immediate effect as the applicant was adjudged to be the fee simple owner.

The court also refused a stay of execution with cost, applied for by the defendants, on grounds that they were in contempt of court by continuing to occupy the land, in breach of a previous judgment of 25 October 2013.

In an interview with Aminata Samura, who has the power of attorney of the plaintiff/applicant, Santigie Mohamed Ulaba Samura, she told our reporter that they decided to institute a court action against the defendants to ascertain that the true owner of the land is the former, who has in his possession the true certified conveyance of the land since 1979, and not a fake statutory declaration of 2006.

One of the sons of the plaintiff, Mohamed Samura, said they were elated the seven years long case has been brought to closure and that justice was meted.

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