500 targeted for housing survey


May 27, 2015 By Ibrahim Tarawallie

The Sierra Leone Housing Corporation (SALHOC) Monday (25 May) commenced a week-long Customers Perception Survey targeting about 500 customers across Freetown.

SALHOC General Manager, Lavern Fatmata Buya-Kamara, told this medium the survey was as a result of their conviction that customers’ perception and understanding of how SALHOC operates varies, adding: “We are carrying out the survey to uncover those individual perceptions.”

She explained that the survey will ask probing questions to generate positive answers that will help address the housing problem in the country.

She said some of the questions respondents will answer are: ‘What situation do one find him/herself in terms of housing’ and ‘How often does a land lord increase rental fees and at what percentage?

According to her, most people are not au-fait with the functions of SALHOC, which was established by an Act of Parliament to solve the growing housing problem Sierra Leoneans have to contend with.

“The questionnaires that will be administered by those trained only targets Freetown as the other parts of the country have been covered and the data will be collated together with the information provided by the Freetown team.  The questionnaires cover burning issues hinging on the housing sector,” she said.

Madam Buya-Kamara said SALHOC intends to move from textbook research to target affected people who are in need of affordable and accessible housing.

She said university graduates from various tertiary institutions were contracted and trained to carry out the survey.