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49-year-old sexual predator to spend lifetime in prison

October 25, 2025

By Regina Pratt

Thaimu Bangura, a caretaker will have to spend his entire life in prison after being convicted for sexually penetrating an eleven-year-old girl.

The convict was slammed life imprisonment by Justice Manuela Harding of the Sexual Offences Model Court in Freetown on Thursday, October 21, 2021.

In her ruling, Justice Manuela Harding said the prosecuting counsel, O.V. Robin Mason Jnr., led four witnesses, including the victim who testified on oath that during the lock down period on Tuesday, 7th April, 2020, the convict Thaimu Bangura requested to see her through her aunt on the pretext that he wanted her to buy him Sierra Juice, but that upon arrival at his residence, he dragged her into his room and sexually penetrated her.

The judge cited that the victim had narrated in court that on the following day, Wednesday 8th April, she informed her mother about the incident.

According to Justice Harding, PW 2 and 3 corroborated the evidence of the victim that, on the day in question, they saw the victim who was unable to walk properly as she was in pain and told them how the convict sexually abused her.

The convict denied the allegation in court, but told the police in his statement that it was the victim who sat on his lap and begged him to sexually penetrate her.

However, Justice Harding found it hard to believe that bit of alibi by the convict, stating that it was ridiculous and untrue.

The Judge then noted that the prosecution had proven its case beyond reasonable doubt and found Thaimu Bangura guilty of sexual penetration as charged.

Pleading mitigation on behalf of the convict, defense lawyer, Randy Sallieu Bangura said if the convict is given a higher punishment, his family would be shattered and that there will be no future for his little children.

His plea was discountenanced by Justice Manuela Harding, who stated should   the 49 year-old man be allowed go back to his community, he would be dangerous and poses threat to girls.

She said the convict was worried about his own children but didn’t think about the life and future of the eleven year old girl he had sexually penetrated.

She said her verdict should serve as a deterrent and warning to other men who are also in the act of abusing young girls.

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