3,630 polling centres, 11,832 polling stations for 2023 elections


By Hassan Gbassay Koroma 

 Electrical Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) has in their electoral tips publication disclosed that they would establish 3,630 polling centres and 11,832 polling stations nationwide come June 24th, 2023 general elections.

The electoral tip which was published last Sunday on the ECSL-Media WhatsApp forum also stated that the nomination Fees for elected officials in consonant with the Public Elections Act 2022, including President is minimum wage x 12 months x 5 years, ordinary Member of Parliament is minimum wage x 6 Months, Paramount Chief Member of Parliament is minimum wage x 6 months, Mayor and District Chairman is minimum wage x 3 Months, Councilor is minimum Wage, Village Head is half of minimum Wage.

They stated that the nomination date for Paramount Chief Member of Parliament would commence from the 30th March to 1st April,,  Presidential and Ordinary Members of Parliament is from 30th April to  9th May, Local council from  19th to 28th April 2023.

The commission also disclosed that campaigns will start on Tuesday, 23rd May and it will end on Thursday 22nd June 2023.

They also stated that through the proportional representation ( PR) district block system, they have allocated  10 parliamentary seats to Kailahun District, Kenema District-12 seats, Kono District- 10 seats, Bo District-12 Seats, Bonthe District- 5 seats, Moyamba District-6 seats, Pujehun District-7 seats, Port loko District-10 seats,Karene District-5 seats, Kambia District-  6 seats, Bombali District-8 seats, Tonkolili District-10 seats, Koinadugu District-4 seats, Falaba District -4 seats, Western Area Urban-16 seats and  Western Area Rural-10 seats

According to regional breakdown, Eastern Region has32 seats, Southern Region 30 seats, North West Region- 21 seats, Northern Region26 seats and Western Region 26 seats respectively. 


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