362 persons quarantined


March 31, 2020

By Mohamed Sesay

The Chief Medical Officer, Rev. Cannon Dr. Thomas T. Samba

The country’s Chief Medical Officer, Rev. Cannon Dr. Thomas T. Samba, has yesterday confirmed that three hundred and sixty-two (362) persons are currently in quarantine facilities countrywide.

He provided the above update during the Ministry of Information and Communications weekly press briefing, where he said a cumulative number of seven hundred and forty-one (741) persons have been quarantined since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

 He said a good number of people have gone through the fourteen days quarantine period without exhibiting any signs and symptoms of the COVID-19.

He added that the country has three types of quarantine facilities, including one manned by government that has a total of two hundred and five (205) persons, while sixty-eight persons (68) are being quarantined in a certain facility managed by institutions, missions and agencies for their staff and family members.

He said seventeen (17) individuals are in self –quarantine in their homes and are being supervised by the Ministry of Health and Sanitations.

He said they have constituted an integrated task force and prepared a comprehensive and holistic plan that they have shared with partners, adding that few colleagues were working on a World Bank project that will earn the country approximately 70.5 million U.S Dollars

 Dr. Samba said the ministry has improved on its testing capacity with support from partners across the world, indicating that Connaught Hospital has thirty-three (33) testing capacities, Jui P.T Lab has (40), the 34 military hospital has five hundred (500),while Kenema has one hundred (100).

He, however, said that the one hundred testing capacity facility in Kenema was awaiting approval from the ministry.

He further stated that the ministry has twenty-one thousand, three hundred and fifty-three tests, and that they have intensified border patrol to mitigate or stop the spread of COVID-19.