May 31, 2017 


Sierra Leone Lebanese community has donated over 100 million Leones worth of food stuff to 34 mosques in the western area of the country.

The Lebanese community made the donation on Tuesday, 30th May, 2017, at the Central Mosques in Freetown, where the 34 mosques were represented.

During his presentation, Head of Lebanese Committee, Samir Hassanyeh, said his committee took upon itself to make the said donation based on the fact that the holy month of Ramadan is a unique month that houses huge blessing.

He said Ramadan is a month to help the needy by giving more alms, share food, love and the Islamic passion.

The Head of Lebanese committee further disclosed that their gesture contains a total of 170 bag of 50kg bags of rice, 34 full gallons of Oil, 170 dozen Mega Cola drinks, 34 big bags of sugar, milks and cartons of juice. Also a carton of Cocoa to all the 34 mosques was also shared.

He said: “The Lebanese community has been in the country for over 100years and we hope to be in Sierra Leone forever. We will continue to contribute in whatever way we can in helping Sierra Leoneans, because we are all brothers and sisters.”

Alie Coolise, Chairman of the Committee, expressed similar sentiment of the Lebanese Community chairman and promised further supports towards the Muslims during Ramadan.

In his thank you message, Chief Imam of Masjid, Rasul A’azam Wilkinson Road, Sheik Cherinor  Maju Bah, expressed appreciation for the donation from the Lebanese Committee.

“We are pleased to receive this huge support especially at these hard times in the country. We pray Allah will continue to bless you all,” he said.