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30 Years after RUF fired the first shot in Kailahun…

Ambassador Omrie Golley calls for a moment of reflection, prayers

March 23, 2021

Ambassador Omrie Golley

The former Peace Council Chairman of the Revolution United Front (RUF),Ambassador Omrie Gulley, has called on Sierra Leoneans to deeply reflect on the causes of the eleven years civil war, offer prayers for those who died in the war and quietly celebrate the achievement of permanent peace in the country. 

On March 23rd, 1991 the RUF, led by Corporal Foday Saybana Sancoh fired the first gun shot in the township of Bomaru,Kalahun District. The war, which started in the eastern part of the country, engulfed the entire country, with scores of civilians maimed and killed.In 2002,the war was declared over after several effort by individuals and the international community.

Speaking to Concord Times from London,Ambassador Golley  could not take credit as to whether the RUF succeeded in achieving their goals for taking up arms against government for reasons including  corruption, nepotism and youth degradation.

“The war had a number of dimensions. There was the RUF,the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC), the Civil Defense Force,and external actors  including the Executive Outcome from South Africa. Many parties took part in the war and it’s a whole lot of debate as to whether the war was a success or not. Despite the fact that we still have problems, all we need to do now is to celebrate because we have permanent peace. We should use the day as a moment of reflection on the causes of the war and offer prayers for those who died in the war,” he said.

He describes the war days a dark period in ‘our country’s history’ and stated that Sierra Leoneans should take onboard the lessons learnt from the war and ensure that the peace is maintained.

Ambassador Golley was a key actor in the signing of agreement between the RUF and the Government of Sierra Leone in Abuja. He was part of the process that brought permanent peace to Sierra Leone.

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