30 students off to China for Taiji Boxing training  


June 18, 2018

By Elizabeth A. Kaine


The Chinese Embassy in Sierra Leone on Thursday, 14th June awarded scholarship to some thirty students from the Confucius Institute at Fourah Bay College (FBC), University of Sierra Leone, to undergo Taigi Boxing training in China.

Economic and Commercial Counsellor at the Chinese Embassy in Sierra Leone, Zhang Xueqian, stated that he was happy to have attended the farewell ceremony for participants of the Taiji Boxing of Chen style in China.

He encouraged the students to take advantage of the training opportunity, pay attention to the trainings, follow the directions of the organisers, work hard to expand their knowledge and enhance their understanding of China.

“This programme will help them to experience the glamour of Martial Arts and share Chinese traditional culture and have opportunity to visit the birthplace of Taiji Chenjiagou Village and Shaolin Temple,” he said.

Zhang thanked the management and staff of the Confucius Institute of Sierra Leone for their hard work in selecting qualified participants and for assisting in the arrangements of their journey to China.

He noted that the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office (ECCO) wish to have more cooperation with the Confucius Institute in future to promote skills development for young people of Sierra Leone.

Local Director of Confucius Institute, Kenneth Osho, said he was proud of his students as they have got good opportunity they should make the best out of.

“I am happy that this year Confucius Institute was able to produce thirty students as compared to last year. This shows that the institute is making progress and wishes to have more in the coming years,” he said.

Prof. He Mingqing, Director of Confucius Institute, noted that with care and support from Chinese Embassy, through the Economic and commercial Counsellor’s Office, he could now assure the thirty students that they were in good hands, and that there was nothing they should worry about.

Prof. He called on the departing awardees to pay attention to the organisers as the people of China would be waiting to receive them with open hands.

“We wish to extend the embassy sincere thanks to their families and relatives for allowing them to realise their dreams and for believing in China,” Prof. He said.

Alusine Turay, Team Captain, stated that he was happy for the opportunity to speak on behalf of them with one voice, and that from that voice the Chinese Embassy could hear a heart full of appreciation and assurance that the team would not disappoint them.

Entrusted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, Haut is to organise a Training Course on Taiji Boxing of Chen Style for Sierra Leone 2018, from June 18th to September 15th in Zhengzhou.

The training course strives to present courses of both theory and practice by virtue of the unique ingredients of the Birthplace of Taiji, Chenjiagou village and Shaolin Temple.