By Hawa Amara

National Democratic Alliance has suspended their National Secretary General, Mohamed S. Jalloh, and two senior party stalwarts – Alhaji Wurie Musidal Jalloh, former flag bearer and Abdul Razack Bah, coordinator – for allegedly using the party’s fund without seeking authorization from the membership.
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At a press briefing held at the party’s headquarters in Freetown yesterday, Deputy National Secretary General, Abdul Barrie, disclosed that the National Secretary General, former flag bearer and coordinator breached the party’s constitution in the appointment of signatories to the party’s account.

He said the suspended National Secretary-General appointed himself Financial Secretary, while the former flag bearer and coordinator performed the role of treasurers.

He said the trio has been running the party as their own personal enterprise, unilaterally taking key decisions without consulting other National Executive members.

Barrie also alleged that the Secretary-General and flag bearer have been less than transparent or accountable to the membership of the predominantly ethnic Fullah party.