25 clique gangs await prison sentencing  


May 19, 2017 By Memunatu Bangura

Mohamed Kamara, Morlia Turay, Patrick Cole and twenty –two others would be sentenced today by Magistrate Dr. Abou Bakar Binneh-Kamara of court no.1,after being  found guilty on the offences of carrying offensive weapons without lawful authority and unlawful possession of cannabis sativa.

Count one of the two charges states that the accused persons were caught carrying offensive weapons without lawful authority or reasonable excuse contrary to section 16 (1) of the Public Order Act No. 46 ofv1965, while count two states that they were arrested for unlawful possession of cannabis sativa contrary to section 48(1) of Pharmacy and Drug Act of 2001.

Magistrate Binneh-Kamara said the accused persons were found with vicious drugs and offensive weapons, ordering that they continue the ‘warming up’ exercise before their sentencing.

The accused persons were represented by Counsel A .K Kargbo, A Bah, J M Jengo and H A Kargbo.