2023 elections: Shout Climate urges citizens to choose environmentally friendly leaders


Shout Climate Change Africa (SCCA) and partners will be conducting Perception Survey on Citizens Manifesto on Climate Change in order to ascertain their level of awareness on the negative effect of climate change.

Speaking to this medium, the CEO/Founder of Shout Climate Change Africa, Finnex John Asibor, stated that the purpose of the manifesto document is to give major responsibility to political leaders to embed climate change related concerns into their party manifestos in order to help combat the effect of climate change for a mandatory period of five (5) years as stipulated in the constitution of Sierra Leone, to motivate citizens to vote climate change and environmental protection conscious leaders as a key pointer to national development.

 Over the years, Sierra Leone has experienced a lot of disaster incident cases related to climate change as a result of growth in population and Urbanization, and with such program, citizens can have the opportunity to elect their set of leaders that will steer the affairs of the nation for the next five years.Sierra Leoneans need leaders that are environmentally conscious and are ready to put measures that will combat the dangers posed to climate change and environmental hazard.

The CEO/Founder of SCCA, Finnex John Asibor is therefore calling on all aspiring leaders in the various registered political parties for the forthcoming multi-tier elections to be environmentally conscious to save our nation, lives and heritage.

Citizens must make sure that they don’t vote or encourage any leader that is not conscious of climate change and environmental protections.


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