2023 elections: ReNIP  to hold delegates’ conference in February

National Chairman and Leader of ReNIP, Beresford Victor Williams

By Yusufu S. Bangura

National Chairman and Leader of the Republic National Independent Party (ReNIP), Beresford Victor Williams,has informed Concord Times, through a telephone interview that the party would hold it national delegates’ conference in February, this year.

“We are looking forward to contesting the forthcoming elections in June 24 and our plan is to lead the people from poverty and the struggle they are going through. We are looking forward to developing the country as most people are not able to have one square meal a day, so we would make sure that we provide meal for the people. We are going to have our national delegates’ convention in February, this year,” he said.

On  January 7th, 2018, ReNIP was the last political party that the Political Parties Regulation Commission (PPRC) gave clearance to contest the 2018 elections, and during the election the party secured  2, 555 votes nationwide, with 0.10% and no  seat in parliament.

Williams said the essence of the national delegates’ conference that would be held in February is to elect new party officials, adopt new reports and also elect new party stewards to guide the activities of the party for the next three years.

He boasted that, if elected as president of Sierra Leone, he would make sure that he maintains price control and stability in the country, because he would be a president for all.

He said he would also maintain law and order, because as it stands, everyone is doing what he or she feels like.

He continues that ReNIP party is the only party that looks after every citizen regardless of gender, sexuality, race, education, tribe or income and that he would provide jobs, social welfare, education, health and many more for the people of this nation.

He further said that he would engage youth for them to engage in trade and other businesses, which would help them to generate economic and create wealth.

 He said youths are the most dynamic powers of any economy and that they are the driving force to development, using the Hybride Economy System. 

ReNIP National Chairman and Leader said as a democratic socialist party, they welcome people to join the party from all walks of life and have their say and influence national policies.

He said they also welcome membership applications from individuals, families, young people, students, workers, unemployed, and the aged who have interest in building a better Sierra Leone a future nation.

“I want to build a better Sierra Leone, not just a country for the few people that benefit or enjoy the resources of this nation, but a country for all. We are the only party that would create a one nation, one future and one people. We also want to create a country for you,  your loved ones and the future generations, that we can call home, our country,” he promised.


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