‘2020, a year of delivery in the health sector’


-Health Minister

September 14, 2020

By Mohamed M. Sesay

Minister of Health and Sanitation, Prof.  Alpha  Tejan Wurrie

Connaught staff at the donation scene

Minister of Health and Sanitation, Professor Alpha Wurie Tejan Jalloh, has on Thursday assured health workers that 2020 would be a year of delivery within the rapid transformation of the country’s health sector to match with global standards.

Professor Wurie made the above statement when presenting medical equipment to the Connaught Government Hospital in Freetown.

The donated items include ten Oxygen Concentrators, sanitizers, Miller water tanks, uniforms for staff, IPCs and a lot more items geared towards  boosting staff capacity and improving the Connaught facility.

‘’It has been extremely difficult as a result of the consequences of the covid-19 virus. Yet still, I am here for you to believe that there are quite a bit we can deliver this year. 2020 is the year of deliver within the health sector,’’ he assured.

Professor  Wurie noted that Connaught is the flagship hospital of the country, adding that the hospital has seven hundred and forty-seven healthcare workers, eight-five house officers and forty-three specialists and medical doctors.

He added that the supplementary budget has a quota or an amount meant for the rehabilitation of every government hospital in the country, affirming that the government’s supplementary budget has three key areas including diagnostic that would soon be addressed.

He said the ministry would be working with radiologists to help draw a scheme that would inform the government with regards to the purchasing of diagnostic machine.

The health minister continued that that was the first time in the history of Sierra Leone that government has a budgeted project in order to strengthen the health sector.

He said there was another health related project running simultaneously with the government budgeted project funded by the Islamic Development Bank- the project as covid-19 response one (1).

He added that the bulk of that project would be focused on a health system strengthening which encompasses thirty-forty beds unit in every district of Sierra Leone for disease response.

He further stated that government has given pin codes to three thousand, five hundred health workers in this year alone, adding that government has also given  authority to his ministry to employ another three thousand health workers.

He concluded with a glad tidings that the ministry has sent a project to Global Fund, adding that the ministry could now brag of a sector-wide programme of over fifty million United States Dollars from World Bank.

In her statement, Chairperson, Board of Administration of the University of Sierra Leone Teaching Hospitals, Dr. Sonia M. Spencer, said the teaching hospital complex is made of six hospitals of which Connaught happens to be the main one.

 Said the new Board for the teaching hospital is faced with some challenges which staff, patients and administrators complained about every day.

She said the donated items were direly needed and appealed to the minister to replicate similar donation to the remaining hospitals across the country.