2018 NPSE Result: Leone Prep Tops


August 2, 2018

Leone Preparatory School has scooped top position in the 2018 National Primary School Examination with the best pupil scoring 354, according to a reliable source.

The prestigious private school registered 13 pupils for the national primary examination, including Esther Sia Menjoh, the star pupil. Esther scored the highest mark among thousands of candidates from schools across the country.

All 13 Leone Preparatory pupils who sat to the examination passed with flying colours, representing 100% success. A senior management member of the school informed this medium that with such success, the management was further determined to provide quality educational services to children in Sierra Leone, especially under the New Direction.

“The SLPP government seems determined to give education the priority it deserves. It has made free education its flagship programme. We are yet to see how it is going to combine lowering the cost with maintaining or improving the quality of education,” he said.

He said the free education would help a lot of families struggling to pay tuition fees and increase enrolment in schools, while noting that there might be some bottlenecks along the line.

“There are a lot of factors to control all at once. One area that would bring immediate benefit and does not cost money is to remedy the examination system,” he said and added that public examination system had been ‘riddled’ with malpractices to the extent of devaluing certificates obtained in the country.

Meanwhile, he commended the new government for their ‘seriousness to make sure education moves forward’ and to ensure the overall performance improves in subsequent years.