2014 Births & Deaths report due this month


….delayed by Ebola outbreak

March 12, 2015 By Samuel Ben Turay

Deputy Registrar of Births and Deaths has told Concord Times that the death rate for 2014 has still not been released because of delay to sending Ebola deaths figures to his department.

Richard B. Konie said at his office in Freetown that he and Health Ministry officials had agreed to include Ebola deaths in the official death rate for 2014, although the report is yet to be finalised.

He however assured that the compilation would be complete in two weeks times, ahead of its publication by end of March.

He blamed the Health Ministry for the delay in publishing the death rate for last year.

“They have delayed us to present the 2014 report as we always give our report early each year,” said Konie, noting that the Department of Births and Deaths has statutory responsibility to register all births and deaths in the country and should be in a position to get the correct death figures from the Ebola burial teams.

However, Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Jonathan Abass Kamara, in turn blamed the Births and Deaths Department for what he described as their failure to get full records of Ebola deaths from the burial teams.
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“It is news to me to hear that Ebola deaths are not registered with their department,” Kamara retorted.