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13 houses gutted in Bumbuna fire

By Victoria Saffa

Scores of people have been left homeless after heavy wind caused fire to destroy 13 houses in five villages, including Bumbuna, Kamankeh and Kamathor, in Tonkolili district on 5 April.

According to headman of Kamankeh village, Aruna Sesay, they were processing charcoal when suddenly a heavy whirlwind occurred, setting fire to five houses.

“We only survive through charcoal burning and we have been processing charcoal for many years and we have never noticed this type of phenomenon,” he said, adding that his entire family was left homeless as a result of the accidental bushfire.

Another victim from Kamathor village, Ibrahim Sorie Koroma, explained that they had never experienced such a disaster spanning many years of charcoal production in the community, but blamed the occurrence on the indiscriminate felling and burning of logs which inevitably lead to deforestation.

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