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10 suspects in Police custody at Calaba Town

…For unlawful possession of harmful objects

April 6, 2016 By Joseph S. Margai

Vigilance on the part of police personnel attached to the Calaba Town Police Station, east end of Freetown, has led to the arrest of 10 suspects who were in possession of knives, scissors, machetes and marijuana.

The suspects, according to Police sources, were in the habit of causing mayhem and unrest for peaceful citizens at night. The Police also claimed that there are many hideouts within Calaba Town where the suspects meet to plan their illegal enterprise.

Inspector Memuna Samura, commander of the Calaba Town Police Station, told this reporter that assault, wounding and drug peddling were among crimes that are on the increase in her area of responsibility. She said that criminals have created for themselves many hideouts where they gather to plan their illegal activities.

She recalled that the 10 suspects were arrested on Monday at various hideouts, following intelligence from community people.

“On daily basis we receive cases of assault and wounding. Drug peddling, which is considered harmful to human health, is on the increase here but we have been taking steps to combat it,” she said.

The female Police Inspector disclosed that they had been mounting raids and mobile patrols within her area of responsibility in order to weed out criminal elements.

Previously, she said, some residents of Calaba Town had complained about harassment from criminals, especially during the night. This, she added, urged the Police to embark on frequent raids and patrols, which has helped curb crime in the area.

“In order to succeed in our drive to get rid of criminals, we have set up the Community Safety Volunteers (CSVs) and the Area Policing Partnership Committee Members (APPCM). These people, including community members, have been giving intelligence to the Police about some hideouts of criminals,” she stated, and credited the partnership for the success of their operations.

Inspector Samura said they charge to court anyone that is caught in possession of harmful objects, including those caught in hideouts.

She noted that in order to minimise the rate of crimes, the Police have recently embarked on community sensitisation. “We sensitise them on the danger of violence and they come up with solutions to violence. This move also has helped us greatly to reduce violence within Calaba Town,” she disclosed.

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