1 killed as armed robbers terrorise Kenema


March 12, 2015 By Mohamed Massaquoi

Media and Public Relations Officer of the Kenema Police Division has informed Concord Times that a group of armed robbers has been terrorising residents in the eastern district of Kenema, noting that a gun battle recently erupted between some armed robbers and personnel of the Operational Support Division (OSD) attached to the Blama police division in a village between Potoru and Blama.

Prince J. Kamara said the robbers were onboard a Toyota mini-van and traveling between Blama and Potoru town when they fell into an OSD ambush.

“There was some exchange of fire between the OSD personnel and the robbers,” explained Kamara. “One of them was captured and another was killed but the rest of the group fled into the bush leaving behind their vehicle. The police are still on the search for them. There were some arms and ammunition onboard the vehicle.”

Meanwhile, reports indicated that the robbers at first stormed the town of Boajibu, some few kilometers from Blama, and shot three people. All three are said to have survived the gunshot wounds.

“We were at the village a day before yesterday when the gunmen arrived. They were onboard a vehicle; they started shooting indiscriminately leading to three people sustaining gunshot wounds,” Hassan Juana, a resident of Boajibu told Concord Times in a telephone interview.

“We were unable to apprehend the robbers because the entire Boajibu town went into panic. The robbers catered away properties worth millions of Leones, including goats and other items.”

He said the situation is now under control but the villagers are still in panic due to the fact that there is still a threat to security in that community.