Witness Says ASP was Compromised by Cocaine Dealer

November 10, 2017 By Memunatu Bangura

A Close Protection Officer, Idris Ibrahim Sesay, attached at the Freetown International Airport-Lungi, has accused one Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Kojo of having being compromised by an alleged Cocaine dealer – Gozie Isaac Udoka – who was arrested at the airport.

Sesay yesterday testified as first prosecution witness before Magistrate Albert Moody at the Freetown Magistrates’ Court No.1 in an ongoing cocaine matter involving a Nigerian businessman charged with eight counts of transporting, importing, unlawful possession, dealing in and exportation of prohibited drugs contrary to the National Drugs Control Act of 2008.

According to the particulars, the accused person on Monday, 23 October, 2017 at the arrival hall of the Freetown International Airport-Lungi, transported from Brazil to Sierra Leone, through Air Moroc, fifty pellets of Cocaine weighted 20.797 kilogram, without lawful authority.

According to the witness, he was on duty on the said date at the airport at around 3:47am when flight Royal Air Moroc arrived and that he moved to the arrival hall to check-in passengers that had arrived aboard the flight.

Sesay said during the check-in process, he was standing behind the immigration boot at the airport when he saw ASP Kojo beckoning to the accused to avoid the normal check-in queue and move to the other side for his passport to be stamped.

“The accused person moved to the other side and the immigration officer stamped his passport and I also crossed over to where the accused person was standing and requested that I check his passport,” said the witness.

He explained that the accused person reluctantly handed him his passport, which he opened and saw a stamp from Brazil airport, adding that he ordered the accused to move out of the queue.

The Close Protection Officer told the court that after he instructed the accused to stay out of the queue, ASP Kojo confronted him to let him go because he was his passenger.

He stated that he refused the order because he had intelligence about the accused, adding that ASP Kojo insisted but he called one Inspector Osman Bangura and Sergeant Sorieba Mansaray to serve as witnesses.

“In the presence of Inspector Osman Bangura and Sergeant Sorieba Mansaray, ASP Kojo was still insisting that we allow the accused person to go because he was his passenger,” he said.

The witness revealed that, with assistance from Westminster Security, Interpol, Office of National Security and other security agencies at the airport, the accused was taken to Lungi Police station for further investigation.

He narrated that upon their arrival at the police station a team of police investigators searched the luggage of the accused person and discovered thirty- eight wrapped substances that were suspected to be cocaine, adding that the accused confessed that he had fifty such substances.

Sesay stated that the accused subsequently asked for the rest room, where he defecated the remaining lumps of the substance.

“He defecated nine lumps of the substance and after forty five minutes he also defecated another three lumps which summed up to a total of fifty lumps,” he told the court.

He said the accused person was later transferred to the Transnational Organised Crime Unit (TOCU) where the substance was tested and proved to be 100% Cocaine.

The matter, which is prosecuted by Inspector Hawa Bah, was adjourned to 16 November.