What’s going on at ECOBANK?

February 11, 2020

By Sulaiman Momodu

When Christiana, a customer of Ecobank, recently checked her account balance, she was shocked to discover that it was a zero balance.

Although fraud is not uncommon at Ecobank, and it is not uncommon to hear customers expressing their disappointment over poor services, Sahr Musuyamasu, the head of cards and e-banking, who proudly tells customers that he is also a pastor, yesterday wanted to engage this author in a fist fight.

At the bank’s Charlotte Street office, Musuyamasu, who was not responding to this author’s calls and text messages, indicated that workers at the bank are saints and that everybody is holy.

After discovering that there was not a cent in her account, Christiana further discovered that a transaction a few days ago did not still reflect the amount she used to recently open her account.

Musuyamasu defended though that the bank has never been involved in fraudulent activities even though evidences abound.

When this author raised the issue with the bank’s manager, Samuel R. Bennett, and informed him that the issue will be published, the bank miraculously returned Christiana’s missing money into her account. In addition to Christiana, other customers have also shared depressing stories of their experiences with Ecobank.

The Editor of The Future Media, Moisa Keikura, said he was in court a few years ago following a story he published on Ecobank which centred on fraud. “I won the case,” he said.