UNPP Leader Jets in Town

April 19, 2017 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma


Hundreds of supporters and members of the United National People’s Party (UNPP) on Saturday, 15th April, 2017 assembled at the Kissy Ferry terminal to welcome home their leader, Christopher Palmer, from the Diaspora.

However, the arrival of the Leader followed a float parade with supporters wearing their Yellow T- shirts as their party colour from the Kissy Ferry terminal to the Young Women Christian Association YWCA Hall at Brookfields.

Addressing his supporters and members of the UNPP party at the YWCA hall, the leader, thanked them for supporting and upholding the party so far and further encouraged them to continue the work they had already started in building a new Sierra Leone.

He further that his party was ready to build a Sierra Leone, where families can afford three meals a day, where there is universal health care for all, where there is safe drinking water, where there is sustainable and affordable electricity, and a Sierra Leone that will facilitate economic growth, alleviate poverty and unemployment.

Leader Palmer further noted that he is optimistic that with God on their side come 2018 they will win the election and stop the untimely death and unnecessary suffering of Sierra Leoneans he further noted that UNPP is a wonderful party, and that they are the only party that has led an opposition in parliament in the history of Sierra Leone. He therefore thanked their founding leader John Kerifa Smart for his vision.

“The UNPP that won the 1996 elections that was stolen from them is here again; ready more than ever to win the 2018 elections. Come 2018 when UNPP will be in power, we have developed a plan that will involve a grassroots campaign that has never been witness in Sierra Leone UNPP is going to be an agent of change” he said.

He maintained that 2018 is not only going to be politics as usual, but that it will be a year of inspiration, concern and sober assessment of the nation’s character and purpose.

“2018 will be a year when the party will turn the history of the nation for the better. One of the missions of UNPP is to unite and improve the lives of Sierra Leoneans. This is the beginning of a great challenging journey of which I am determined to lead the party. “I say no to regionalism, tribalism, nepotism and yes to nationalism” he maintained.