UK-based Sierra Leonean opens Go Fund me for kidney patient

June 8, 2018

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma


Kidney afflicted Juma Jalloh needs help

Mariama Bah -Sowe, a Sierra Leonean based in the United Kingdom (UK), has opened a Go Fund me account for 22-year-old Juma Jalloh, a kidney patient.

Speaking to concord Times in an exclusive interview, Mariama said she knew about the plight of Jalloh while watching African Young Voices (AYV) Television in the UK.

She says that according to the story, Juma has been grappling with kidney problem for nine years now and urgently needs surgery in Ghana, but doesn’t have the means.

“I was very touched by the story, and I immediately contacted the AYV TV reporter and suggested to him that I wanted to help raise a campaign so that Juma can get his treatment,” she explains, adding that the journalist, Swahilo Vandi, agreed and that she has since raised about 800 British Pounds Sterling online.

Bah says the cost of the young man’s operation is Le30 million, equivalent to 3000 Pounds or US$4,000.

She says that so far, through her Go Fund Me page, she’s slowly getting funds, adding that she has also facilitated the opening of an account at Skye Bank in Juma’s name and an Africell money transfer line to Juma’s number.

She also called on all Sierra Leoneans to help Juma Jalloh as the young man’s only hope relies on help from philanthropic Sierra Leoneans.

 “If every one of us in the world is willing to contribute to help one person, then we would get rid of poverty in no time. The world would be better place and everybody would be happy, but only a few of us care. We would however not give up. We will keep on fighting to make the world a better place. Please brothers and sisters, join me in this campaign and help save a young man from serious pain and suffering, God bless us, Ameen.”

Mariama, who is currently in the United Kingdom accompanying her husband, was a journalist working for Cotton Tree News and Radio Mount Aureol at Fourah Bay College before she left the country.