Two perished in a pit at Regent

January 17, 2020

By Ibrahim K Turay


Scene of the tragic incident

One Joshua Abu Kamara and Meshack Bamba Thoronka, both believed to be at age 34 years old, were yesterday discovered dead in well at the Sidya Estate in the Regent community, opposite the United States Embassy in Freetown.

Both deceased were said to be hired by one Mariama Kanu, to burn and break a stone buried beneath the well.

Speaking to Concord Times, Alimany Kamara, one of the workers who narrowly survived, said one of deceaseds, Meshack Thoronka, had earlier called and informed him that he has a job for him and that the job was to burn and break a stone deep down a well.

He said he later went to the venue and assessed the job, noting that he negotiated and immediately started the work by setting fire on the stone.

He continued that on Thursday January 16 at around 7:30 in the morning, he went to continue the job and that on his arrival, Meshack Thoronka decided to go down the well to cross check whether the stone had been burnt down.

“Few minutes later, I heard Meshack  crying out for help. I immediately threw down a rope into the well but he failed to grab it to safety. It was at that moment the second deceased, Joshua Abu Kamara, went down into the well to save Meshack Thoronka  but he too  eventually  died in the process,” he explained.

 He concluded saying that they immediately called on the National Fire Force Authority.

Jespy M.Thoronka,  uncle to Meshack Thoronka, said he was at his office when he received a telephone call that his son has fallen into a well, stating that he rushed to the scene but couldn’t help and he immediately reported the matter to the police.

Detective Sergeant, George James Belliah, attached to the Econ Police Post, Regent in Freetown, said they received a call from one Jespy M.Thoronka, who informed them about the said incident, noting that they later went to the scene and took the remains of both deceased to the Connaught Hospital Mortuary for further investigation.