Transport Minister speaks out

August 29, 2019

By Mohamed Massaquoi


Minister Kabeneh Kallon

Minister of Transport and Aviation has called on members of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) to vigorously and speedily investigate what he referred to as ‘unwarranted attack on election officials and materials’ in Constituency 110, Western Rural District.

Hon. Kabeneh Kallon said in an exclusive interview that it was rather unfortunate that some unpatriotic Sierra Leoneans were making unfortunate claims on social media that he was one of those pioneers of violent activities during the re-run parliamentary by-election in Constituency 110.

 “I am a very simple person and I am not violent in nature. I believe in the rule of law and peaceful democratic process. In the instance I am a resident of that constituency and so it was legitimate for me to cast my vote,” he said.

“During that process, a group of hooligans attacked a polling centre , even when I attempted to protect one of the ballot boxes; the criminals brutally removed the box from me and destroyed it. As Sierra Leoneans, we have to be very careful when ever such situation arises. We are closely related and any attempt to harm another member of this society, will have a ripple effect on all of us,” he said.

“I want the police to speedily investigate this unfortunate incident because it has the tendency of negatively tainting the image of the country and peace loving Sierra Leoneans,” he noted.