Things Fall Apart within NRM

January 30, 2020

By Frederick V. Kanneh


NRM Chair, Mohamed Sheridan Kamara

Five executive members of the National Reformation Movement (NRM)-a faction within the main opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) have on 28th January 2020, tendered their resignation.

In a letter addressed to the chairman of the movement, Sheridan Kamara, their resignation came as a result of actions taken by the their chairman which goes contrary to the vison of the movement.

 The men stated in the letter that the whole process had started with the resignation of the substantive chairman from their previous movement-National Council of Radical Elite, (NACORE) and his acceptance of sponsorship from the former flag bearer aspirants and stakeholders who financed their proposed conference which was to be held in Port Loko and other activities of the NRM.

“Many of us saw this move as going against our ideology as we have been preaching for reforms and removal of older folks.  To receive funds from folks who are of the same age as those we want to see take the back seat and have been part of the same system that we want to reform did not make sense”, the letter states.

They argued that they felt extremely disturbed when Alphan Khan in particular in one of their meetings preached the idea of working with the current government to transform their movement into a political party should the leadership of the APC fail to adhere to their demands.

“Demands which to us, the leadership of the party had already started addressing,” the letter states

The letter further states that, the Chairman broke the Camel’s back when he decided to take their party (APC) to court against their advice and without their notice, adding that what made it even worse was when the chairman hired the services of known opposition lawyer and a member of parliament from the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) to take their party to court with the aim to drag it in the mud.

The letter therefore states that if the right thing was not done, they would publish the names of those former flag bearer aspirants and the other stakeholders who were sponsoring him including the amount they were contributing.

The letter ended by disclosing that the those who resigned have apologized to the party and will continue to work with the leadership of the party as the National Reformation Movement (NRM) for a meaningful reformation of their party since the chairman has decided to take their party to court against the wish of the majority of the membership of the movement.

Meanwhile, the NRM faction had taken the APC to court with the view of stopping their National Delegate Conference on the grounds that the party had not followed the due process.

The court however granted the injunction, since then they have been battling in court.

This press could not reach the leadership of NRM as all effort made proved futile.