‘The Company’: Sierra Leone’s most promising television series premiers May 6th.

April 21, 2017


In the entertainment business money, power and respect are the key. Money is a must, power is gained and respect is earned.

This is all what is illustrated in a new movie series, ‘The Company’, made by Sierra Leoneans with scenes in both Sierra Leone and the United States.

From the producers of the multiple awards winning movie ‘HIGH FASHION’, ‘The Company’ promises to emphasise Sierra Leone’s position in the international filming industry.

Produced by Foday Conteh, the eight episodes movie described as the most promising television series in the country was done by Prime International Production, in collaboration with Real Time Management.

In the movie, you will notice that when the players meet the game struggles, nothing is guaranteed. Once you find your lane, you can’t cruise. When you define the game, you can’t lose…The game reminds the same with new players.

One will also notice that the struggle for supremacy will crush you quicker than strangers.

In this series, you will see people like King Boss LA who is known as Cash and plays the super star rapper; Shadow Boxer as Zero who plays a rising rapper who wants to take cash position as number one rapper.

Princess Jnap Sesay stars as Channel and she is the CEO of the record label.

Winstina Taylor is Trina, elder sister of Jnap.

Jimmy Bangura (Jimmy B) stars as Abdul, while David Vandy of VOA fame stars as Mr. Thompson.

The US scenes are shot in Washington DC and Maryland.

As it comes out, you will notice that money, fame, and power comes with a lot of sacrifices and consequences.